1. You worry a partner will stop loving you Yes No
2. You can quickly switch off after a break-up Yes No
3. You’re able to ask a partner for support Yes No
4. I am always on the lookout for ideas that would permit me to start my own enterprise. Yes No
5. You’re very sensitive to your partner’s moods Yes No
6. You find it easy to show affection Yes No
7. You spend a lot of time thinking about relationships Yes No
8. You prefer not to share your inner feelings with a partner Yes No
9. You believe there are plenty of people out there for you Yes No
10. When you’re single, you feel incomplete Yes No
11. You feel uncomfortable when others depend on you Yes No
12. You’re comfortable depending on romantic partners. Yes No
13. You get attached to a new partner very quickly Yes No
14. You’re not always sure what you want in a relationship. Yes No
15. When you look back on pervious relationships, you’ve generally been satisfied. Yes No