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psychometric test for recruitment and promotions


A psychometric test or psychological assessment is an objective and standardised measure of a sample of behaviour. This psychometric test sample can then be used to predict a broad and significant area of behaviour.

Unlike an interview, where candidates can practice and can take the focus off their weaknesses, psychometric assessment is excellent at revealing attributes about an individual that they may not want a prospective employer to know.

Psychometric Assessment methods including personality questionnaires, ability assessments, interviews, or any other assessment method are valid to the extent that the assessment method measures what it was designed to measure.

The information gathered through psychometric assessment is one piece of the candidate picture and provides valuable information which adds to the overall picture of a candidate.

“Good psychometric tests, can cut recruitment costs by 30% to 40%, and reduce the time a new recruit takes to become fully effective. In other words, testing offers hard, bottom-line organisational value.”

Selecting the best people who fit with the role competencies and organisational culture. Interviewing, referee checking and psychometric tests should all link to the competencies for the role. This ensures both fairness and legal defensibility of the recruitment process.

psychometric test for recruitment and promotions


Psychometric Profiling and Assessment for Recruitment

"MAKE YOUR HIRING PROCESS QUICKER, EASIER, AND MORE COST-EFFECTIVE". Psychometric assessments are excellent at uncovering candidates’ likely behaviours in the work context and can reveal attributes that the individual may be able to hide in an interview.

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Psychometric Assesment for
Training and Development

Our Psychometric tests will provide detailed information about your employee's strengths, development areas and motivators. It will assist in the initial diagnosis of the training need or development area greatly improves the success of development programs.

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Psychometric Test for Self-Development or Personality Development

Our psychometric tests can help individuals deepen their self-awareness and develop their personal skills — helping them to understand their personality, interests, skills, and capabilities allows them to more easily identify and pursue a career path that fits.

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Psycho profiling & Assessment
for Executives at all Levels

We believe that all employees can learn to be more effective. With our psychometric assessments, we will help individuals to learn their leadership style, preferences, strengths and possible gaps or areas needing further development.

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Select Superior Rather Than Average Performers

With years of psychometric assessment and employee selection expertise, UTSAV guide you through the process of uncovering top performers and ensuring job fit.

The information gathered through our psychometric tests will be one piece of the recruitment picture and provides valuable information which adds to the overall picture of a candidate.

Psychometric Assessment for Recruitment

Reduce Incorrectly Hired and Incorrectly Rejected

Our psychometric test packages is designed to help you quickly evaluate a large number of job candidates and identify those with the potential to succeed.

Psychometric assessments will help your organisation to assess high and low performers and the results can be used to model the ideal preferences and attributes it takes to be successful in a chosen role or culture.

Right hire with psychometric tests

Build Teams That Work Effectively

Team type psychometric assessments can be used to improve understanding of individuals' strengths, weaknesses and contributions to the team.

We can profile a team to help each person understand their style and the styles of their colleagues. We can then analyse the make up the team and identify any gaps and overlaps in the team’s strengths.

Training and Development with Psychometric Testing

Enhance culture and engagement

Culture and engagement is the most important issue companies face around the world. 87 percent of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, and 50 percent call the problem “very important."

Our psychometric assessment will help you to hire people who are more likely to be engaged at work with values, work preferences and behaviour & personality.

Employee hire using psychometric testing

Leadership Development by Psychometric Test

We provide innovative Psychometric Tests to enable better people decisions at work.

Training and Development

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Psychometric Test for Training and Development

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